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sary to enable him professionally to serve such pa-

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red iodide is the more efficacious points in this direction,

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Without organized matter and organs, there can be no mani-

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sharply spoken to, but immediately relapsed into it. The pulse was 120, of good strength

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The study of poisoning belongs specially to toxicology and forensic medicine.

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eases, but much can be done by improved methods of treating febrile

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vae. Autogenous vaccines used every and Hannibal, and Napoleon, and others

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high aneurysm. No apparent effect upon it was produced ; but collapse

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brane, which is developed within a small space into a great extent of surface,

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who treat paper. They see to the health of the by-laws,

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as a result of these twenty-nine, there was a loss of

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of the blood, but depends on the oxygen metabolism of the nerve-tissue

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changed, and they believe that a repetition of them at this

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their confinements, so as to prevent and rectify any undue strain upon the weak

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also the cricothyroid and epiglottidean muscles. The inferior or recuimil

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mach, and converted into blood, which is again further changed

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the urine, accompanied with kidney debris, is a symptom

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drink the horse wishes, and give it often. Give liberal, but laxa-

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come so from the abuse of mercury or other debiHtating causes.

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eat them through They may be partially digested and destroyed

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Third day, patient much salivated ; condition remained un-

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Fig. 49. — Jr'iague Carbuncle. (Reproduced from Simpson's Treatise on^Plague

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a swelling was discovered in the abdomen, and this was associated with

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was resorted to, and the patient was finally resuscitated.

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trained nurses, in order to institute daily medical inspection

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