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In ringworm of the scalp, Mr. P. recommends the applica-
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undergoing granular and fatty degeneration, with final destruction of the cells.
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such papers as may be of interest to the profession at
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days. But soon — apparently with advancing cicatrization — the limit
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the subject, but since that time there have been so many
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and Wilks in Great Britain. In this country cases have been
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later replaced by the widespread use of sulfonamides in the
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pushed. On withdrawal distinct strateh marks were found on
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picious-looking individual it finds. I have carefully
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it from nerve and blood. The particles of dead matter taken as food
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Far be it from me to "blame you for helping" to get
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in the power of the microscopist to affirm truthfully, on the strength of
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whole tract of the digestive canal, but especially from the stomach
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some symptom. Her large and overhanging forehead suggested
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mental education must be prosecuted, but must on no account be allowed
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lowers are in the right, tell your patients that you
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Examination of the f^ces during a number of consecu-
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after 50 days he was cured and " as sound as a fish in the water."
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produces no unpleasant sensation on awaking renders it specially valuable. — Chicago
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patient. The writer prefers to have his cataract patient in
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irritation so far as to produce nn attack, yet in ti few
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complications, 3 had hemothorax without going on to em-
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A Review op Some op the Recent Literature on Pericecal
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fects are functional in character and represent modifications
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, the attack comes on frequently, and lasts only a very
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tiguity of the cell with other cells was less perfect, hence their functions
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nwnding the clot, if death take place within a short period, is usually
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<;ondemning local papers most unjustly. He attri-
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Scientific Meeting of the West Virginia Chapter of the
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sound originating in the left auriculo-ventricular orifice; but this last case was
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the patient convalesces, the respiration becomes more and more
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number of cases may be cured by this method is probably correct, but its

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