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there is the primary discrimination of the relations of the
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give up this materiality of dollars 1 She could not i •
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stead of erudition, readiness in the place of versatility. These are the qualities
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experience, has been in one minute, in the case of a girl eight years old ; the
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stone, with much straining and pain, li is i Jg inches
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accident may be a simple or a compound, a complete or an incomplete luxation.
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The chapter on food is largely a treatise on meat pulp and
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ex percussione thoracis humani, ut signo, abstrusos interni pectoris
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stamp ; but my amendment is this — " That, in order to pro-
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infected stomach residuum, and may be cured by establishing stomach
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occurred not only at an early period, but lasted from twenty to
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that mosquitos are the intermediate hosts of Filaria bancrofti. The
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Sawyer, W. W., Elizabeth City, Univ. of Md., 1903 1903 1904
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inch in diameter by the tenth day. Gelatine b not liquefied and litmus milk is
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received from the inhabitants of his commune a gold medal,
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not known. Such patients should be very closely observed and vital
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These observations of Cannon have been confirmed by others
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the result of the secondary digestion ; but, by their depurating qualities,
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over her left hip while she was in this position. She lived at Leesville,
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treatment. Suddenly, while in bed, a sharp attack of pain
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seated abscess, and after a few days of illness the patient was again about.
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larger than the plate, and raise the under crust with the
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but also for elaborate machinery for investigating them; they are
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family practitioner, who especially deals with these cases in their
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usual course in an animal otherwise healthy, variations are
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These agar cultures are very sticky and mucilaginous. If 3% of NaCl is added
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the remotest areola of the dermis, unite in a variety of ways,
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habitations among the poorer classes, dwelling together in tenements;
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by the micro-chemical means which I have instituted. The following
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filled with a pulpy matter identical with that found in the larynx and
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not seem sufficiently profuse to cause any anxiety, In addition to the
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was found to have been completely removed. Case 1 was
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of Sylvius ; n " the Eustachian canal ; " " the Fallopian tube.' 1

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