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In the former lie very properly criticises severely the illogical habit

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occurred during our three years of training, we pause to count the bless-

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notably we may quote enteric fever as affordrng examples of this. A

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attained, no abiding confidence in the man will be shown by the

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the jtinction showed absence of bone-plate and no trace of

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names of the great nerve-trunks composed of the fibers from the different

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■ ftxposiire to cold or wet. During the first sfagr. there is cough

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took place during the course of the week, but that of one of

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and would finish its course, it was thought, by the last

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have thorough and repeated cleansing vAth mild antiseptic lotions. The

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1 to 1% in. diameter of redness, moderate swelling,

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treme need of such stimulation. It is well jection of this kind can be brought against it.

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able procedure. Dr. Mund^'s paper seemed to have been called

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phate of soda, piperazidin, and quinine, whilst the chief substances dimin-

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McClintock, T. C. (with Boxmeyer, C. H., and Siffer, J. J.) - - 351

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sioners, who must be duly qualified medical men, or

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patient is attacked with acute colic, during the paroxysms of

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3. Status Epilepticus. — The patient passes from one convulsive seiz-

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medium, and the tracts from the mamillary body, dupli-

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plenty of food, and full and good shelter, they would un-

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instances, however, the diphtheria is seated not only &t the entrance to the va-

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affected. The uterus was normal in shape and in involution. There

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and, after a variable interval of some hours' duration, occur again.

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I have thus attempted to describe briefly the present

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shows the relationship of serum nric acid, on the abscissa,

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Trustees and administrators have a definite responsi-

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In an article which I read some time ago on the bacteriological rela"

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lectual progress our country is making is the reform

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sure of the Mississippi river, and is only navigated by barges

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