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is normally from 2 to 4 per cent, of the leukocytes, i. e., 140 to
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appears at the summit of the pai)ule, which, when jiricked, gives exit
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five grains of Tartar Emetic, mixed with a solution
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larynx likely to cause airway obstruction, appropriate therapy, eg., subcutaneous epinephrine solution
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cases are not quite so gratifying as those of Fein, for while
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oi\ in the State, and probably measures will soon be taken for tho
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one most subject to epidemics of tropical diseases. The existence
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health work. You will recall that in the schedule of values developed
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It does so in some degree, not very infrequently, where its use
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volatile, and has a great tendency to undergo decomposition. The
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plans for the new institute it is said that the trustees
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up to date. The number of operations is, therefore, eleven. Of these,
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and you have reason to believe that they have recently arisen,
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the lens from the other; this was equally accomplished without a hitch, when,
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frequently, with headache and faintness, with a sensation of spasm or
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and very young children to have severe pains in legs,
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tuberculous subjects behave as well and result as satisfactorily, if not
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of 104-7° Fahr., we should expect the effect of a bath and of
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6pt piB naebpan 18 Hite jyp peo punb 18 popfunben 14
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that Widal's reaction would be present, this was made, and with
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scientific fact, we may say that some are more exactly reflex
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the bowels — tormina — diarrhoea — death, not
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Southeast Asians sought refuge in this country. Second,
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The patient is by no means in a good condition. Especially striking is
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indicated along the top, and thus a curve may be traced with
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Edmund Toms, an early member of the I.S.T.M., presided over
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twenty-five inches; two inches below this it measured twenty-two inches,
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ence, and that, therefore, it may be done with perfect impunity.
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uninjured. The lower jaw was broken on the left side, imme-
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time, talents, and enthusiasm to fulfill the complete
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That hydrotherapy may be successfully employed in the

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