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from her body. In the course of about three years and a quarter

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the right hypochondriac region. The presence of hydrochloric

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then was extremely poor, the abdominal and splanchnic vessels

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was blowing'from over this heap of filth directly towards

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injuries, although he walked with a limp from shortening

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cient in length to pass across the vertex of the head from

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tion he admitted he had said that the body was in such a state, that it would

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Etiology. — "Taking cold," exposure to a cold, damp atmosphere,

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time who made a specialty of sexual weakness, as a natural

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microscopic renal lesions if done early enough in the course

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of better, the old game of leap-frog, prisoner's base,

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of chronic alcoholism are much less readily rendered experimentally

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the personal appearances. Without doubt there are sufferings of greater or less

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In cases of peritonitis from typhoid perforation, the

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surely, though more slowly. The bleeding is probably owing, in

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In a few days the line of demarcation commenced to show

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gard to their past history and the nature of the acci-

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me to be a good deal of truth in the observation of Franklin

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natural outcome of my subject, I venture, before proceeding

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stand quiet, and even drink or endeavour to feed ; its breathing

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of the gastric tumor and of the mediastinal glands confirmed the diagnosis

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The respirations were 25 per minute, the pulse was 120, and almost

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vate the palsy, partly to excite more vigorous contraction of the de-

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Staffordshire knot for pedicle : m, section of pedicle ; o, loop of silk passed through pedicle : b and c. ends of the

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