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Apparatus. By Bbeeslet Hill, M.D., &c. &c 434

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1868.J Report on Toxicology, tbrensic Medicine, ^c. 25?

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the rectum, very large and much distended, with meconium, applied itself

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whom he wished to be engaged, became totally deaf. The signs

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or conversation — and tubercle bacilli, as well as other

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and he was conveyed thither a oistance of several miles. He jumped

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laryngoscope : 1. The disposition of the food on the floor of the

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wound which results always suppurates for some time, and may occasion dan-

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by himself. He finds that an intense irritation of the skin very

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tongue. It will be found more convenient to make this second incision from

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and that chiefly of a negative character. Dr. Mooren only refers

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the size of the abdomen was not sensibly lessened. About twenty-

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pump. By adjusting the cuff about the bared upper arm

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in our own country deserving of notice. For example, nyctalopia, in our

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pupils natural ; answers correctly. Percussion in region of the liver

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