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enumerating the structures replaced. These are : the ramus of the jaw

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answer is, Does every such ca=e call for operation ? This will

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disease in the abdomen, as distinE^uished from the same affection ' in

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to your notice also two other cases of multiple paralysis of

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three reported. A first application for assistance was read

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Medical Staff' being compelled to take charge of native

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sponded heartily, as he was sure all the members of the

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(several women fainted and young children became sick. It was

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circularly and turned back as far as the opening in the skull.

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administration of his department ; and they now wished to

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sentation with the Commissioners adverse to the Ordinance. The repre-

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actual reduction might take place either with or without an

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population of the town was doubled. In the interior the

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that he should do so ; while Mr. Oliver Pemberton intimated

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gnosis before the appearance of the typical papular eruption

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success ; indeed it disappeared. (2) A baby, aged 4i months.

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take such steps as may be necessary to give efl'ect to the same.

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tobacco field. This field was worked first in June, and the

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would be against the estate or the e.xecutors personally. His Honour re-

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chair; Sir James Paget, Sir Andrew Clark, Sir W. Mac

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Mr. Fbeeb (Birmingham) narrated a case of pneumonia in

atarax surup fiyat

publish a notice of a preparation— adeps lana?— submitted to

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purpose, for in the average case the verdict is dictated by

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(principally enteric), and 17 from small-pox. These 4o3 deaths were

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Elrmentary Meteorulofii/, by R. H. Scott "(Kegan Paul, Trench, and Co.).

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